FlightGear Flight Simulator Version Summary

FlightGear フライトシュミレータ・バージョン要約

January 3, 2005: Version 0.9.8-pre2 released

January 3, 2005: バージョン0.9.8-pre2リリース

Added an encoder and transponder to the available avionics modules.


Updates to the AI traffic manager.


Updates to the submodel system. This allows things like contrails, payload dropping, projectile firing, and aircraft carrier landings.

サブモデルシステムをアップデート これにより次のことが可能となった:コントレイル(飛行機雲),ペイロードの投下,投射体の発射,空母への着艦

Added some controls for aircraft carrier operations.


Updated to sync with latest JSBSim developments.


YAsim adds support for contra-rotating propeller pairs as well as crude models for ITT, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure in the jet turbine engine model.

YAsimに次の事項へのサポートを追加:二重反転プロペラサポート,ジェットエンジンモデルにITT(Inter Turbine Temperature),油温,油圧用clude models?

Instruments, avionics, and subsystems are now configurable per aircraft. You can assemble the correct componets available for each particular aircraft.


Updates to the wet compass to make it behave much more like a real wet compass including various errors and motion effects.


Make display list usage optional since these can be a net performance loss on some older or low memory platforms.


Make sound inaudible until after the scenery is loaded.


Move radio stack and avionics code from cockpit library to instrumentation library.


Added several digital filters to the autopilot: exponential, dobule exponential, moving average, and noise spike. These are available to aircraft designers via the autopilot config file. 自動操舵装置へいくつかのデジタルフィルタが追加になりました。: 指数型、倍精度の指数型、そして、移動平均、およびノイズスパイク。 これらは自動操舵装置コンフィグファイルで利用可能です。

Make sure the ATIS reports surface winds at airports above sea-level ATISが海面の上の空港で地上風を報告するのを確実にしました。 Default C172 3d model has been completely reworked and many things have been fixed or sized or placed more accurately. デフォルトC172三次元空間モデルが完全に作りなおされて、より正確にフィックスます。

Replace old basic.dat.gz and runways.dat.gz with apt.dat.gz (x-plane format) 古いbasic.dat.gzとrunways.dat.gzをapt.dat.gzに取り替えてください。(x-planeフォーマット)

Fix a crash that could occur when the joystick config specified more buttons or axes than the physical hardware provided.

Fixes to make FlightGear work with 16bpp visual depth. Various FreeBSD fixes. Various MSVC fixes. Various Mac OS X fixes. gcc 2.95 and 4.0 fixes. Updated aircraft: 737, A-10, AN-225, B-52, BAC-TSR2, Concorde, Spitfire, BO-105 Helicopter, F-15 (updated flight control system), Fokker DR1 (triplane), Fokker 50, Fokker 100, Seahawk made carrier capable (working arresting hook), New aircraft: Cessna Citation-II (wip), Beech 1900D, DHC-2 Beaver (on floats) Updated KAP140 autopilot instrument (used in default C172.) Updated Nimitz model (aircraft carrier), updated radio tower models, added Oracle head quarters to bay area scenery, added Dumbarton bridge at the south end of the SFO bay, added a model of Alcatraz, October 12, 2004: Version 0.9.6 released Added some initial support for "submodels" which can be used to impliment things like contrails, flares, tracers, etc. Make real world weather fetching a bit more robust and network friendly. Ensure the entire world is initially loaded before initializing the flight dynamics (avoids wildly varying frame rates at a time when the FDM might be trying to do various initialization steps that might benefit from consistent and fast frame rates.) Other various (and minor) code cleanups, tweaks, and fixes. Fixed ATIS voice file. Updated aircraft: A320, Bo-105, Comper Swift, Concorde, F16, Fokker-50, Fokker-100, Hunter, MD11, PC7, Spitfire, adjust C172 cockpit sound levels, and Sgs-233. Updated joystick configs: CH pro yoke usb, Cyborg Evo, Thrustmaster FCS. Fix a bug in the nasal fuel tank management code. Return Canadian ILS's to nav data. Cleaned up some of the 3d models around the bay area. Add support for display list based rendering which yields substantial performance gains for many systems. Synced with latest JSBSim code. Fixed a reference point bug in YASim. Revived the hi-res (tiled) screen shot code so you can again produce insanely and arbitrarily large resolution screen shots. Beefed up the tile pager so it can more sensibly handle insanely rapid motion. July 29, 2004: Version 0.9.5 released New AIModel based air traffic subsystem (Durk Talsma) Updates to the AIModel subsystem. Switched audio subsystem from plib's "sl" to OpenAL. Added support for SDL (pre-compile time configuration option.) Threaded tile loader now enabled by default. Overhauled Nav database code to directly support Robin Peel's default format. Synced with latest JSBSim developments. YASim now supports a nasal (script) based fuel management system. YASim adds a simple turbo prop engine model. Added an xml based gui/widget layout system for building dialog boxes. Make gui windows dragable/repositionable. Hide the mouse pointer when it sits idle. Mouse pointer reappears on any mouse motion. The GPS module has been overhauled. New joystick configurations added: Cyborg Evo, Top Gun Fox2 Pro USB, MacAlly iStick USB, SideWinder Precision Pro (on Windows.) Updated aircraft: 747 dynamics model, A-10, AN-225, B-52F, BAC-TSR2, T-37, T-38, YF-23, Beech-99, BO-105 (helicopter), DC-3, F-104, F-16, Fokker 50, Fokker 100, Pilatus PC-7. New aircraft: Concorde, MD-11, Spitfire IIA, TU-154. Updated airport, runway, taxiway, windsock, beacon, and tower data. Updated world scenery based on SRTM terrain data. New scenery includes accurate radio towers for the USA. Fix a small bug in the "generic" export protocol. Fix (workaround) the shrinking dialogs bug. Delay FDM initialization until initial scenery is fully loaded. March 26, 2004: Version 0.9.4 released Implement SimGear's (aka Andy's) Nasal scripting language in FlightGear and integrate with the FG property system. Many updates from David Culp and David Luff to the AI aircraft and ATC modules. Complete overhaul of the autopilot system. The new system uses a much more advanced PID algorithm, is much more flexible, and is completely reconfigurable for each aircraft. Added the ability to fetch current weather in real time during a flight (via a thread) from the web site and update the current weather conditions in the sim. Added properly working VASI/PAPI lights. Make the ground intersection code smart so allow flying under bridges, taxiing on the lower level of the bay bridge, taxiing into hangers, etc. Added a utility to automatically manage scenery installation and removal. Several updated ground textures, plus a variety of new random scenery objects. Much additional work on the San Francisco area buildings and bridges. Added a Comper Swift (nice), a Hawker Hunter (nice), added a T37 Tweet, Updates to the 737 (nice panel, 3d model, and flight model), updates to the 747 flight dynamics, updates to the OV10, T38, AN-225, bo105 (helicopter), better sounds for the DC-3, updates to f104 model, many updates to the F16, updates to the J3 Cub, 3D cockpit added to the pa28-161, updates to the sgs233, overhaul of the tsr2 and yf23 models. The UFO became Santa Claus over the holidays, but it is back to being extra terrestrial. First stab at a weather radar instrument. Added a number of basic 3d instruments to the instrument library that could be reused used for any general aviation cockpit. Clean up much of the extraneous alias system entries for aircraft. Generally this means that if there is only one version of an aircraft, there is only one entry and no aliases. If there are multiple versions of an aircraft, we may still have an alias to point to the preferred or default version. Added RedHat packaging files. Added some perl script utility functions which are useful when writing remote perl scripts that interact with a running copy of FlightGear. Includes routines to facility remote control of data logging and even some simple graph plotting. Updates to OpenGC interface. Various JSBSim updates. Various YASim updates. Various UIUCsim updates. More work on the native multiplayer system. Sorted out the confusion between left, right, and parking brakes vs. the cockpit controls vs. the wheels they apply to. Much infrastructure added to support future GPS instruments. Fixed a meter/feet conversion problem in DME distance calculations which would cause it to often read quite high. Fixes to nmea output so it can better trick a moving map software application into thinking it is talking to a real gps. Fixed a subtle problem with our star database that has been lurking for many years, but it took an astronomy expert to spot the subtle misalignments. Add support for Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, thrustmaster top gun afterburner USB, Logitech WingMan Force 3D, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro USB, and Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro joysticks. Removed the old WeatherCM module (it can be resurrected from CVS if any one ever wants to do that.) Removed the NetworkOLK module (it can be resurrected from CVS if any one ever wants to do that.) Removed support for the PSL scripting language. October 24, 2003: Version 0.9.3 released Added a flight "replay" system. Many updates to the ATC and AI aircraft subsystem. (David Luff) Add support for moving cloud layers. New "symbolic" time of day dialog box for easily setting dawn, dusk, noon, etc. Aircraft are now each self contained in their own individual subdirectories for easier end user addition and removal. Many improvements to scene lighting throughout the day->night range including more realistic sky and fog colors, more realistic scene illumination, better dusk/dawn sky coloring, better specular lighting support. A nice new chase view has been added. Added displaced thresholds on all runways that have them. Updated default scenery for the KSFO area. Many buildings and bridges added in the San Francisco area. Updated airport and navaid database, many new taxiways, many corrected runways, many new airports (especially outside the USA.) Updates to the man page. Better Win32 packaging (more standardized installer, plus a launcher which allows selection of starting location and starting aircraft.) Added an initial cut at modeling helicopters. Support multiple inside the cockpit views. Updated FlightGear Flight School tutorial.

Use the field elevation for GS when no specific altitude listed in FAA/DAFIF data Fix to translate DME and TACAN X/Y channels to paired VHF frequencies correctly. Thanks to Jorge Van Hemelryck for the fix. Fixes to runway search routines (didn't always work correctly under some circumstances.) Many fixes and updates to the autopilot. Autothrottle tracks speed much better with much less jumping around. Expose the tuned navaid via the property system to support building more advanced avionics. Improvements to the environment manager and gui's, more control over turbulence, ability to specify boundary condition layers as well as aloft condition layers. JSBSim updates including a new turbine engine model that supports things like starting and stopping procedures and thrust reversing. UIUCsim updates (compiler warning and namespace conflict fixes.) YASim updates (fix drag from shutdown engine, helicopter support, better in air startup support.) Support for "clock" instruments that operate independently of computer system time. Annunciators shouldn't work if electrical system not serviceable. A few updated splash screens. Added various fields to net_ctrls and net_fdm to include various failures, faults, control surface positions, and other interesting things. A few updated joystick definition files. Various keyboard mapping tweaks and changes. Many updates and tweaks to default material properties and random land cover objects. Updated aircraft: 747, A320, T-38, A-10, B-52, F-104, Fokker 50, Fokker 100, Piper Cub, P-51, UFO, YF-23, Ornithopter, A-4, C172, and F-16 New Aircraft: J-22, Paraglider, SGS-126 Sailplane, ASW 20, and AN-225 aircraft; Bell 206 JetRanger, CH-47 Chinook, and Ecureuil AS-350 helicoptors. Updated cloud textures.

Removed dependency on Metakit. The airport and runway databases are now stored in a simple flat file ascii database.

FreeBSD, Solaris, MSVC, Irix, Mac OSX, cygwin, and mingwin fixes. June 4, 2003: Version 0.9.2 released New aircraft available: P51-D (w/ full 3d cockpit), Sea Hawk (WV908), a research ornithopter (propelled by actual flapping wings), A10, B-52, F-104, F-15, F-16, OV10, PA28-161, T-6A Texan II, T-38, British TSR2, YF-23, 737,

Updated aircraft: airwave extreme hang glider, asw20 glider, A-4 Skyhawk, Beech-99, Cessna 172 w/ 3d cockpit, Cessna 310 w/ 3d cockpit, DC3, Piper J3 Cub, 1903 Wright Flyer, Sopwith Camel, Space Shuttle, Boeing 747-400

Overhauled menu/gui system and made it xml configurable rather than hardwired. Include support for things like checkboxes, sliders, and dials.

Added some early multiplayer features.

Added support for in-air presets relative to a VOR, NDB, or fix.

Support for Futaba, Airtronics, Hitec, JR, Multiplex and Tower R/C transmitters using the RCJoy USB interface box (see

Much improved sky and coloring as well as more realistic coloring of the sunset and sunrise.

Clouds are drawn on a surface that better matches the underlying curve of the earth.

A few updated terrain textures, better variety of random ground cover objects.

Most weather options can now be set via the GUI. Added an option to randomize the weather.

Various instruments and systems can now be failed/unfailed via the GUI.

Developed scripts to build Navaid and ILS databases from DAFIFT, FAA, and other data sources. Update Navaid and ILS databases based on DAFIFT, FAA, and other data sources.

Continued development of voice ATC, robot aircraft AI, logical taxiway networks (continues to be a work in progess, but much progress has been made.) Separated out much of the low level model/material management code and moved it over to SimGear where it can be potentially used by other projects. Separated out the low level sound effect playing/management code and moved it over to SimGear. Added functions to the "telnet" interface to allow remote management of autopilot waypoints. Support the parking brake in the "external" flight dynamics interface. Added support for an audio panel (set of switches to set various avionics audio sources on/off in the aircraft.) Add support for speed brake and spoiler controls. Many code updates to UIUCmodel including support for ornithopters (flapping wing vehicles.) Many JSBsim code updates include a new turbine engine model. Added a "named pipe" external flight dynamics model interface. YASim updates including support for manual-pitch control props, support for wing washout, and adjusting aircraft masses as fuel is consumed. The property picker interface now shows the property values changing 1 dynamically. Added support for a simple annunciator panel (fuel, oil, vacuum, volts dummy warning lights.) Added a "gyro" model. This can be driven electrically (turn coordinator) or via vacuum (attitude indicator). If one of these systems failes, the corresponding gyro will spin down realistically an introduce realistic errors in the gauge reading. Model attitude indicator tumbling at extreme attitudes. Modeled the pitot system and use that drive the air speed indicator. Added a very simplistic volts/amps model to the electrical system...enough to make the gauges behave plausibly and drive the annunciator panel correctly. Updated the vacuum/suction model to behave more realistically. Added Italian and Polish translation for the GUI.

Mac OS X fixes. Better FreeBSD support. Mingwin fixes. Improved native sgi compiler support. MSVC fixes.

Fixed problems in marker beacon audio. Fixed several subtle problems in the modeling/positioning of glide slope transmitters in FlightGear Don't allow the dewpoint to go higher than the temperature. Don't allow gust speed to be less than base wind speed. Fix a couple problems in the external fdm interface that prevented FlightGear from being driven properly by an external source (i.e. to act as a image generator only.) Fixes to camera parameters for external views (especially when rotating the view around the different axes.) Many miscellaneous code clean ups, many bug fixes, and much code refactoring. December 5, 2002: Version 0.9.1 released

Fixes a problem with a missing file in the source distribution of 0.9.0 Updates to AI aircraft subsystem (this is a work in progress) Added a canned ATC voice handling class (using prerecorded voice snippets.) Added voice ATIS December 3, 2002: Version 0.9.0 released

Support for fully animated, fully clickable 3d instrument panels. Support for runway, approach, and taxiway lighting. Lighting is directional and intensity varies smoothly with relative view direction. Many new and updated aircraft. Improved runway textures. Some improved terrain textures. Added a util called terrasync to runtime fetch just the scenery you need from the master scenery server as you fly. No need to pre-download large chunks of data. Add a vacuum system and support for it's failure. Add a pitot system and support for it's failure. Model gyro spin for various instruments. Added support for modeling complex aircraft electrical system. Sample implimentation for a C172, simplistic electrical model provided for other aircraft until their specific system is modeled. Added a "presets" section to the GUI. Localization support for GUI and for command line option help, including the ability to specify a custom per language font. Support for specifying an initial startup runway. Splash screen now slowly fades out revealing the ready to run sim. Support additional joysticks: Logitech WingMan Force, Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital 3D (USB), and Saitek Cyborg Gold 3D USB, CH Virtual Pilot USB/USB CH Pedals,

Many updates to External/Network FDM interface. Many updates to the JSBSim FDM model code. Many updates from the UIUC folk to their FDM package. Many updates to the YASim FDM model code (fuel usage, tunable induced drag parameter, better gear tuning, fix a ground effect bug, and a standalone config file compiler. Make rotational rate FDM values available in the property tree. Fix a subtle bug in the ssg partial tree deleter code. Started a new XML configurable GUI subsystem. Some preliminary support for AI driven aircraft. Fix ILS back course needle deflection. Fix for ATI driver "issue" causing instrument panels to be all gray. Support for toggling 3d instrument hotspot visibility (debugging/learning tool.) Tweaks to instrument panel night lighting. Added a per engine fuel pump switch.

NOMINMAX fix for cygwin/gcc-3.2 Renamed External FDM to NullFDM New module/submodule system. IRIX build fixes Restructured some of the initialization code to facilitate reseting the sim to alternate presets (airport, runway, offset distance, altitude, speed, etc.) Fixed DG heading bug hold to work with new instrumentation updates. Updates to autopilot to let it work with perfect values as a compile time option. Split Nav/Com units, and DME out into their own source files. Fixes to support newer versions of plib/cvs September 7, 2002: Version 0.8.0 released

The world is now populated with random ground objects with appropriate type and density for the local ground cover type (buildings, water towers, farm houses, silos, cows, trees, etc.) Many (most?) ground textures updated for a much nicer, more coherent, more realistic overall look and feel. Added a java client library for FlightGear. Added some external scripting examples (python.) Implemented a Bendix/King KT 70 transponder. Implemented a Bendix/King KR 87 adf. Added support for 3d instrument panels inside 3d cockpits. Added support for animation of 3d models tied to internal properties. New/updated aircraft include: Cessna 172, Piper J3 Cub, DC-3, A4 Skyhawk, Cessna 310, 747, 1903 Wright Flyer (non-linear with stall modeled, based on wind tunnel data.) Convert the magic carpet into a UFO, complete with sound effects and a 3d model (based on real world data of course.) :-) Environment manager overhaul Support for a base wind speed with gusts. Support for a base wind direction with variation. Support for more dynamically reconfigurable cloud layers. Cloud layers are no longer hard coded.

Updates and additions to the FAQ Improvements to the sound effects module. Autopilot fixes to allow it to work much better on large airliners. Added a generic interface for running the flight dynamics model as a separate process communicating via a network connection. Synced with the latest JSBSim code. Synced with the latest UIUCmodel code. Many fixes and updates to the YASim FDM (fixed flap drag issue, new tail wheel lock, lots of solver fixes, and fixes to other internal stuff.) Added support for menus defined in an xml file. Make the help system start more robustly/quickly in Win32 Added support for detecting the name of a joystick and using the appropriate default joystick config file. Overhauled the remote/network property interface. Added a --show-aircraft option to dump out a list of all the available aircraft you can select with the --aircraft=NAME option. Added a --random-wind command line option.

  • wind= option can now contain ranges, i.e. --wind=min_dir:max_dir@min_speed:max_speed; the system will automatically vary the wind within these ranges. A "physical" crash (i.e. too-hard impact with the ground) causes the sim to freeze. You can then reset the sim to the starting state with the menu->reset option.

Support in the scenery tile cache for maintaining tiles in the cache relative to several view points that could be very far apart. Brake makes the magic carpet fly backwards. Many clean ups, fixes, and improvements with the tile pager. Memory free is now done incrementally and spread out through multiple frames to hide it. Modernized the autoconf/make scripts. Cleaned up old cruft from the build system. Default to using FGEnvironment Removed support for efence (in favor of valgrind.) Bumped minimum plib version required up to 1.4.2, however the latest cvs (and hopefully release) works much better. Added valgrind debugging config files/scripts. Weeded out many warnings/errors flagged by valgrind. Overhauled the FGSubsystem class. Fixed reporting of winds, cloudbase and altimeter setting. FGSteam converted to a proper FGSubsystem. Fix fog on 3dfx cards. Added internal support for turning each tank on/off individually. Added support for a fuel selector switch. Fixes to builtin property browser. Fixed several math overflow problems with time elapsed calculations that had crept in. These would cause some things to stop updating (like portions of the instrument panel, and radio station frequency matching.) Updates to the network OpenGC interface.

Irix fixes. Mac OS X fixes. MSVC fixes. IA-64 w/ Intel compiler fixes.

automake/conf script enhancemnts and fixes. Updated the UIUCModel code. Removed some dos line endings that crept in. Spelling fixes. Removed some depricated code related to the old view management system. Fix a problem with VOR station lookups where we wouldn't always find the closest station of a given frequency. Changed the default Nav radio frequencies to be more appropriate for SFO. Retrimmed the C172 Added seats and other interior stuff to the J3 Cub, and retrimmed. Also fixed wing incidence in the 3d visual model. Fixed C310u3a-3d. 3d cockpit instruments can now be seen. Fixes to the DC-3 such as tank location; other surface and wheel position adjustments. Increase effectiveness of rudder, vstab, and hstab. Updated some of the preconfigured joystick files.

Updated man pages Fixed problem with pressure/altitude getting botched up after a reset Use a nicer helvetica font for the menus. Various fixes to the internal pui property browser. Fixed a typo in the scenery file loader that could cause a crash on some platforms. More joystick configuration defaults. (Saitek Cyborg Gold 3D USB, non FF sidewinder precision 2 usb) More texture tweaks. Additional fixes and panel work for the J3 Cub. April 20, 2002: Version 0.7.10 released

Much work on drawing and animating 3d aircraft models for things like the chase and tower views. Propellers spin, control surfaces move, gear retracts, etc. Overhauled mouse handling code and make it user configurable. Added a new environment (as in weather) subsystem. Added a new logging module Added a new ATC subsystem. Virtual 3d Cessna 172 cockpit (work in progress) but many things are animated and working. Virtual 3d Cessna 310 cockpit. Instrument panel background can now be a set of tiled textures so we can achieve *much* higher resolution. Major property manager overhaul. Major view code overhaul. All views are now configurable via config files. Major overhaul of the sound manager, it is now much more configurable with many sound effect improvements. Separate XML I/O operations into a separate header. Implement a standard FGSubsystem interface for module consistency. Add waypoint dialog now shows entire current waypoint list in a scroll box. Use an LED font for radios (and added infrastructure/support for additional fonts.) Continued work on developing a generalized network interface to an external flight dynamics model running as a separate process on the same or different machine. Initial glideslope and climb rate can be specified from the command line. Fixes and improvements to make ground trimming more robust. Many JSBSim updates and improvements, JSBSim now exports all it's interesting internal state via the property manager. Many updates to UIUCsim including support for non-linear models, flaps. Move tower view location when teleporting to a new airport. Created a new /devices subtree in the property manager to display current device status. Many YASim updates and bug fixes, autogen contact points for collision detection, support for full engine startup procedure, minimal support for magnetos, support skid objects (non-rolling gear objects), reduce idle power a bit, export gear compression amount to the property tree, include wind when computing airspeed. Fixes to the property picker/browser. Fixes and updates to the configure script. Several potential memory abuse bugs detected (valgrind) and fixed (Melchior) Fix an instrument panel text bug ... an integer overflow could prevent the text from displaying if the panel was turned off for more than 37.8 minutes. Fixed a segfault when trying to audibly ident a nav station. Changes in the sound manager code broke some assumptions. Fixed a bug (another int overflow) which could trick the event manager into thinking the next time to run the events is *way* in the future. Various performance optimizations. More work on saving/restoring flights Of all the ILS stations of the specified frequency, pick the one the most directly points at us. Various restructures in the scenery loading code in preparation for more flexible runway lighting support. Fixes/improvements to the scenery/line intersection code. Various IRIX fixes. Various MSVC fixes. Various compiler warning messages fixed. February 16, 2002: Version 0.7.9 (final) released

Fixes to the Thanks file. Fix --time-offset in the man page and options help. Fixed the spelling of Celsius. Cleaned up some stray cout's Removed some redundant FG* class qualifiers in various headers. GUI dialog box fixes for autopilot. Ensure that initial engine settings are copied over from FlightGear to JSBSim. FreeBSD fix from JSBSim. February 13, 2002: Version 0.7.9pre2 released

JSBSim FGPiston mixture improvements Enable Audio by default in MSVC builds Added a clock freeze option. February 12, 2002: Version 0.7.9pre1 released

Switch to JSBSim ( as our default flight model. Added additional aircraft: Cessna 182, Cessna 172 (ifr panel), and a Cessna 310 (twin prop). Added an entirely new set of flight dynamics modeling code by Andy Ross. Includes several aircraft such as a 747, A4, and DC-3. This is (Y)et (A)nother Flight Dynamics (Sim)ulator. It is a first cut of a "different take" on FDM design. It's intended to be very simple to use, producing reasonable results for aircraft of all sorts and sizes, while maintaining simulation plausibility even in odd flight conditions like spins and aerobatics. It's at the point now where one can actually fly the planes around. Added an optional embedded http server that provides a property manager interface to external programs and scripts. Added an optional embedded http server that can serve out live screen shots to anyone on the web. Sync with the latest JSBSim code. Added simple ATIS support. More flexible autopilot that can be tuned per aircraft. Many updates to the HUD to allow it to handle a much bigger set of symbology and functionality Support for back course ILS approaches. Implimented DME ETE and speed. Added support for rudder and aileron trim. Many improvents with piston engine and propeller modeling. Engine startup procedures work, and engine guages work. Added support for retractable gear. Added 'master freeze' and 'fuel freeze' modes. Would like to add other freeze modes soon. Added a 'high' level aircraft config file that specifies things like the FDM code to use, the aircraft config file, the 3d model, the instrument panel, autopilot config, etc. Added a neat external 'chase' view control panel. Added a GUI interface to the property manager system. Moved keybinding definitions to a config file. Many additions and improvements to the sound effects including stall horn, tire squeek, ground rumble, wind noise, flaps, etc. Enable introduction music in windows (off by default on all platforms) Added support for the OpenGC glass cockpit project. Added support for flying ILS approaches in both runway directions if the same frequency is used in both cases.

Added an script for those compiling from CVS code. Attempt to support more incompatible varients of the automake/autoconf tools. Added basic man pages. Removed old remnants of plib-1.2.x support. Plib-1.4.x is now required. Added support for building mandrake packages (other packaging system contributions welcom.) Various initialization and startup sequence fixes and tweaks. This helps get the flight dynamics model going reliably and robustly. It also helps get initial time of day effects correct. Fixed a config problem that could lead to bogus builds for people with Voodoo cards. Better support for running with an alternate time/date for when we are being slaved to an external data source. Fixed (simplistic) terrain following autopilot mode. Fixes to problems with window aspect ratio that could surface if the window was resized. Fix several off by one errors in hud_card.cxx Fix gauge spelling error. Modified FGSubsystem::update() to take an int parameter for delta time. Many internal fixes and enhancements to the core code that manages instrument panel modeling and rendering. LaRCsim EGT doesn't show 'running' values while cranking. Fixes to JSBSim so that the slip/skid ball is much more realistically modelled Added support for an unlimited number of fuel tanks. Multi-engine throttle fixes. A round of updates to the UIUC flight dynamics model. Fixed an annoying tile cache scheduling bug. This makes tile paging much more robust even with teleporting and reseting. Fixed a potential mouse freeze up condition on windows. Converted the materials file to xml. Tweaked and updated initial option and config file parsing to be more intuitive and robust. Check for the proper version of the base file and exit gracefully if not found. Fixed a problem with the initial view offset being lost. Various floating point / initial value bug fixes Added support for tracing property manager reads and writes (for debugging purposes.) Fixed the problem where the simulator clock time would go goofy when scenery was being loaded. Make the tile cache system more tolerant of situations where the tile cache is full, but no entry qualifies for removal.

MSVC fixes. IRIX fixes. FreeBSD fixes. Mac OS X fixes. Better cygwin and mingwin support. Better support for gcc-3.0 July 13, 2001: Version 0.7.8 released

Updated to the latest JSBSim flight dynamics model ( First release of a bundled utility: fgjs which assists you in creating a joystick/button configuration for your setup. Updated airport data file with taxiways at many major airports. Better support for using an external browser to view online help components. Windows support for this will be included in the next revision. Now using plib-1.4.x which supports more than 3 concurrent sounds. Most of the README's and documentation has been reviewed and brought up to date. Support for ultra-hires screen dumps suitable for large scale printed output. Updated, more flexible binary scenery format. Support for using digital axes (i.e. a hat) as a pair of buttons which can be mapped to any function a button could be mapped to. Added user documentation to the base package Added a c172 mini panel. Improved c172 panel graphics. Added units to configuration files Fixed X15 panel External view panning fix ups. Fixed the segfault on exit bug. Lots of property manager tweaks. Appened units to property name to make it explicit, adjusted read/write/archive bits and defaults MSVC fixups. gcc-3.0 fixups. Irix fixups. Fixed a potential segfault in radio station lookup/search code. Fixed a bug in the audio system intialization order that could cause a segfault in some circumstances. Fixed a typo in the 2nd tank property name so it's value is now accessible from the instrument panel. Fixed a bug when loading the "old" binary scenery which prevented ground lighting from being generated. Jettison old conditionally compiled plib-1.2.x code, we now require plib-1.4.x or higher. Eliminated some convoluted that generated a harmless, but confusing "*** NO TIMEZONE" error message, Fixed doubled bindings for joystick buttons. Threading fixups. Fixed a bug with the time warping/offset code. You can again startup with a proper time offset if you like. Fixed a couple memory problems ... attempting to access/use/write to previously freed memory. June 20, 2001: Version 0.7.7 released

Support for setting a starting position as and offset distance (and / or radial) from your specified starting postition. This allows you to initialize on final x miles out at y altitude. Many updates to make a much more realistic single engine and prop model with atmospheric and velocity dependencies. Fuel flow now modeled. Straightened out magnetic offset issues with VOR stations so we can navigate properly from real avaition charts. Added a direct network interface support for the "Atlas" moving map program. (Output radio stack settings so current VOR and OBS can be visualized.) Autopilot made to work more like a real world autopilot (rather than based on perfect values.) Autopilot wing leveler is slaved off the turn coordinator. Heading hold is slaved from the DG (which drifts). Nav and ILS holds slave off the needle position. Backcorse ILS needle should move in correct direction now. Identing of NAV radios (and individual volume control) now work. Don't play DME ident if no colocated DME. VOR/ILS/ADF range pickup realistically modeled as per AIM. Added support for marker beacons. Support for loading and saving the current 'simulator state' using an xml formated file. Added threaded tile paging for systems with pthread support. Added high level support for creating airport taxiway and runway signs. Many updates and fixes to the "installation and getting started" manual. Support for adding static objects to the scenery. Many updates and new features for the xml configurable panel engine. Many corresponding improvements to the default instrument panel. Support added for incrementally numbering screen snapshots. Added support for a new, smaller, faster binary scenery format. Added an xml configurable HUD engine. Added interface glue to propogate wind values to LaRCsim.

Converted from hardcoded to configurable keyboard bindings. Added an FGSubsystem base class so subsystems can be managed with a common api. Keyboard commands are now completely remapable. Removed BFI and keyboard in place of remapable inputs. Started to impliment a command manager. This along with the property manager will go a long ways toward building infrastructure for scripting. Started laying infrastructure for creating ultra-high-res tiled screen shots suitable for printers. Synced with a recent version of JSBSim. GUI code split into smaller logical subcomponents. FGOptions converted to use property manager directly. "delta-t" and fdm interface timing fixes and tweaks. Added a sound effect manager class at the FlightGear level.

Check for null panel before passing mouse events to panel object. Fixed panel edge artifacts (due to unwanted texture wrapping.) Fixed a typo in the base/materials file. Various property manager fixes. Various property manager lookup optimizations. Fixed a bug in the autopilot altitude hold that crept in.

Cleaned up various warning messages Various Cygwin fixes. Various MSVC fixes. Various Irix Mips fixes. December 19, 2000: Version 0.7.6 released

Added night ground cover lights with user controllable densities on a per texture basis. Lights have a bit of a "fog punch through" effect. Support added for "shaped" instrument panels. Added support for virtual panels that are larger than the screen space which can scroll. Added waypoint and route flying support to the autopilot and HUD. New highly detailed runway textures with accurate markings. Added a basic piston engine model, with support for rpm, egt, cht, mp, and mixture. Many tweaks and improvements to the c172 instrument panel. Corrections and additions to the airport and navaid database. Added an external interface to the property manager so you can "telnet" into a running copy of FlightGear, cd through the property tree and examine and even change values, all from a remote computer. Improvements to flight model initialization. Fixes and improvements to the save/restore code. Added a load/save dialog box for saving/restoring your current flight. Program notes max texture size for your card/driver so it can load higher resultion textures if they are available and if you can use them. Added a visibility= command line option for setting intial visibility distance. Range of tiles loaded and drawn are now directly calculated from the current visibility distance so that the ground always blends smoothly into sky. Rewrote the tile caching scheme so it is now more flexible, more dynamic, simpler, and more robust. Updates to the FDM bus. Many clean ups with the view code to prepare the way for a greater variety of external views. MSVC project files now included in the source distribution. Fixed a view bug that could make the aircraft model appear rotated incorrectly Fixed a bug with the autopilot rate of climb hold. Internal property manager tweaks. Additional materials can be aliased to an existing material to save texture space (at the expense of less texture variety) MSVC tweaks. MacOS tweaks. September 18, 2000: Version 0.7.5 released

Aircraft now starts at end of runway closest to desired heading. Runways now have accurate markings. Addition of a completely reconfigurable instrument panel. Tons of panel tweaks and fixes. Gyro now drifts, relocated whisky compass, skid ball moves in the right direction, etc. Updates and tweaks to network multiplayer code. Tweaks to ground steering sensitivity. Updates to the UIUC flightmodel and icing research code. Fixed the sound problem in the previous version. Current scenery normal is now available for use. Current load queue size is now available for use. Added a configure time check for proper simgear version. Explicitely link in -lpthread if it exists. Fixed a couple namespace problems. MacOS and MSVC tweaks. Renamed JSBsim to JSBSim Added support in the material library for non-repeating textures. July 20, 2000: Version 0.7.4 released

VOR reception now scales with altitude. Added differential braking support. Landing gear modeling code now works in JSBSim Overhauled cloud code substantially, new cloud textures. Added support for Ray Woodworth's 5 axis motion chair. Red light the panel at night and shade based on time of day. Fixed autopilot altitude hold increment bug. Fixed screen snap shot function. Fixed mach number for LaRCsim.

  • start-date-gmt option fixed. Fixes to uiuc includes and initializations Fixes to periodic scheduler. Fixed a tile loading bug if the load queue wasn't empty before a reset or teleport. Some additional MSVC5 portability fixes. Tweaks to build with newest gcc under Irix contributed by Erik Hofman. Clean out a pile of old junk in the material manager library from the pre-ssg days, and majorly overhauled it. Complete reengineering of the panel code in preparation for moving the configuration out into a data file. Lots of hashing around with Joystick support trying to achieve something that is flexible enough to handle the zillions of possible configurations out there. Hopefully we are approaching a workable solution. Better windows support in our joystick module. View code simplifications and optimizations contributed by Norman Vine. Added support for $FG_SCENERY and --fg-scenery=path so scenery can have a different location from the base package. Moved drop in sky module, world time module, ephemeris module, and low level communications modules over to simgear. Replaced gdbm with metakit Added David Megginson's property manager May 18, 2000: Development Version 0.7.3 released

Added a radio stack 2 VOR/ILS and an ADF to the instrument panel. You can change the frequencies by clicking on the knobs on the instrument panels. You can now navigate with VOR/ADF/DME and fly ILS approaches. Added a chronometer to the instrument panel. Added a "wet" compass to the top of the instrument panel. Compass, vsi, and altitute instruments and vacuum system are more accurately modeled. Added a magnetic variation model. Added navaid database management and query code. Added magvar offset to VOR radials. Heading bug now display magnetic heading rather than true heading. Autopilot now has modes to track a VOR and GS. Added custom joystick client support so sim can be flown from a remote joystick connected to another machine. This is in support of some custom hardware located in the human factors research lab of the university of minnesota. HUD controls are a bit different "h" toggles through day/night/off modes and "H" cycles through brightness levels. Norman Vine contributed code to optionally do antialiased hud lines on hardware that supports this. Norman also contributed additional hud cleanups and updates. Updates to JSBsim flight dynamics code that includes a generic reconfigurable flight control system, a initial state trimming routine, support for wind and weather, support for flaps, independent trim control, config files changes Updates to LaRCsim flight dynamcis code contributed by UIUC that allows loading aircraft specifications at runtime from config files. UIUC is using flightgear as a platform to do icing research. The UIUC aircraft use the c172 gear model for now which causes some weirdness on the ground for some of the larger aircraft. Flight model no longer has to be chosen at compile time. Separated ephemeris code from the actual sky rendering code and gave this whole section a big overhaul. The moon should now consistantly have the correct phase. Rebuilt the sky dome using ssg. Removed dependencies on mat3.h and friends (old srgp support lib) Airport lookups now done through gdbm (a light weight embedded database.) Converted ssgVTable's to ssgVtxTables which do proper memory management and should facilitate use of compiled vertex arrays once ssg add support for these. Overhauled autopilot internals, separated out the gui controls from the actual autopilot code. Cygwin32 build fixes MSVC++ build fixes Mac build fixes February 17, 2000: Development Version 0.7.2 released

Lots of code reorganizations Build requires plib-1.1.x Build requires SimGear-0.0.x LaRCsim/c172 is now the default aircraft model. Added flaps support to control model. Lots of updates and tweaks for the LaRCsim/c172 model. Use a more standard texture/blend mode combination for sun/moon halos to avoid render path that's not supported by all cards/drivers. Change reported speed on hud from V_equiv_kts to V_calibrated_kts Instrument panel rewrite by David Megginson. This isn't quite as flashy as the first pass, but is much more functional, plays much better with opengl, and it should be relatively easy for someone with graphical skills to make it look more spiffy. MacOS fixes contributed by Darrell Walisser. Many JSBsim updates. Added a screen snapshot facility (F3). Added a load/save state function contributed by David Megginson. Added support for various I/O protocols and channels so that flightgear can communicate with itself and other programs through a variety of means. Bug fix: The aircraft model used for external views was being included in the height above terrain check so when the view position and the aircraft model collided the current altitude kept getting pushed up to compensate, but of course the aircraft model would get pushed up as well because it tracks the current aircraft position and orientation. Thus you had a never ending cycle ... Oliver's multiplayer network code now moved to his own subdirectory: NetworkOLK Added simulated cloud puffs as we pass through the cloud layer. Cleaned up some memory leaks occuring between ssg and flightgear. Update to Christian's weather data base code. October 22, 1999: Development Version 0.7.1 released

Durk Talsma added a nifty cloud layer. Default to Christian Mayer's new weather system. Added routines to do screen printing contributed by Mark Vallevand. Added routines to do screen shots to ppm graphics file (all platforms) contributed Rich Kaszeta. Added a magic carpet (aka slew) mode. Added a hot air balloon simulator mode. (alpha) Added a simple (direct lincage) autocoordation feature. Added a mode to control view (side to side and up and down) with the mouse. Fixed a DEM decoding problem which caused most of the terrain to be 256 meter too high (and regenerated the world scenery with proper elevations.) Updates to JSBsim. Added support for a pilot view offset from the center of gravity. Various platform portability fixes. Updated time-offset/syncing command line options. Updated the FDM <==> Flight Gear interface to be more object oriented. This should hopefully pave the way for being able to simulate several concurrent entities. Removed unimplemented menu entries. Various scenery tools changes and enhancements in preparation for adding runways (hopefully for the next release.) September 11, 1999: Development Version 0.7.0 released This is the first release of the new 0.7.x development tree.

Autopilot can now fly great circle routes. Incorporated a first stab at some networking code contributed by Oliver Delise. Added Christian Mayer's new weather subsystem. Started adding support for "external" views ... still needs some work. Added a flight model acceleration funtion. Added support for mouse yoke control contributed by David Megginson. FDM model hertz now definable from the command line. Added initial timezone support so the user can have better control and more options for setting the starting time of the sim. We now draw nonexistant tiles as ocean which means we only have to create and distribute tiles that contain some sort of land mass.

Replaced basic render engine with plib's ssg (simple scene graph). Now expect plib to be installed in it's one true and official location. Added support for timegm() if it exists which explicitely expects GMT input. A bit of your basic code reorganization and shuffling.

Removed tools dependency on libgfc. Functionality is now covered by shapelib which has been added into the Tools tree. Added support for the wonderful GSHHS global land mass data set. Removed dependecy on script. Created a new distributed/parallel tile build system ... hmmm kind of super computer or beowulf style stuff for getting large chunks of scenery built as fast as possible. Only generate tiles that have land mass data since the sim can recreate pure ocean tiles on the fly. First stab at a water flattening scheme to prevent oceans, lakes, and rivers from running up and down the sides of hills. Changed the default "Work/" subdirectory layout. Updates to better handle segment boundaries in preparation for real airport runway and lighting modeling. Updates and enhancements to my polygon management class.

Updates to JSBsim. Updates to Tony's c172 model. Updated getting started guide from Micheal Basler.

FreeBSD portability tweaks. MACos portability tweaks. Borland C++ tweaks. MSVC++ tweaks. September 11, 1999: Stable Version 0.6.2 released This is a minor bug fix release with no new features.

MSVC++ and FreeBSD portability enhancements. MACos fixes. JSBsim updates. c172 updates. June 21, 1999: USA Scenery Version 0.3 released The scenery tools are not yet entirely perfected, but we have made wonderful progress. This new release adds urban areas.

June 21, 1999: Development branch 0.7.x launched This will allow us to launch off with new experimental code addtions without disrupting our ability to always have a stable version available for people to run.

June 21, 1999: Stable Version 0.6.1 released

Tony Peden contributed a c172 flight model replacement for the Navion. Still needs to be debugged a bit before it is usable. More MacOS portability fixes. More Borland C++ fixes. More IRIX fixes. Fixed a bug in handling windows drive letter, colon "C:" notation. Minor tweaks to the Astro sub section contributed by Durk Talsma. GUI updated contributed by Norman Vine. Fixed a problem with ambiguous constructors in the fgText class. Updates to JSBsim contributed by Jon Berndt. Created a tile load queue so that we only load one tile per frame. This isn't entirely satisfactory, but it reduces the length of the pause when crossing a tile boundary with several shorter pauses. Fixed bug with passing PUI keystrokes on to glut. Fixed a bug in tilecache size which caused occasional tiles to drop out when more than one row is scheduled "simultaneously". Changes to scenery building tools to handle sliver detection and resolution. Fixed several other minor bugs in the scenery creation tools. Added urban area support to scenery creation tools. Made the parallel scenery building tools a bit more robust if a requested client machine happens to be offline by pinging it first to see if it is alive. Added support for libgpc's new hole tracking interface. May 26, 1999: Version 0.6.0 released

Tons of improvements with scenery creation. Inter-tile gaps have been fixed, distorted textures have been fixed, real coastlines have been added, and many other subtle improvements. Tools for parallelizing the scenery building tasks. For instance by using 20 machines in parallel, scenery for the entire USA can be regenerated in just over 4 hours vs. 70+ hours on a single machine. Texture scale can be specified (and changed)( in the materials file. The sim must be rerun for the change to take effect. Windows now uses plib joystick code so rudder pedals should now work. Now builds against Steve Baker's plib (portable game devel library) distributed separately ( Many source code changes for the MacOS port contributed by Darrell Walisser (the port isn't quite there yet ...) Source code changes for better compiling with the Borland compiler. Source code changes for better compiling with the native Irix compilers. Fixed a bug so you can now fly across the international date line (or more precisely the division between longitude = +/-180. Tweaks to the Astro section contributed by Durk Talsma. Autopilot improvements contributed by Norman Vine. Fonts/characters now drawn with texture maps for increased speed. Instrument panel can be toggled on and off with "P". GUI interface for tweaking some autopilot parameters. HUD appearance and layout changes contributed by Norman Vine, includes faster font drawing for much better performance. Reset function added to reset you to your starting conditions. GUI function to enter a new airport id (and be transported there) Added serial output support for an "in-development" full motion cockpit. "Just in time" texture loading to reduce initial sim loading time. March 31, 1999: Version 0.59 released (This is an intermediate/stepping stone release. Skip this if you are interested in stability.)

IRIX portability changes and support for native SGI compilers. Solaris portability tweaks Incorporated some MacOS portability changes (although the port is not yet complete.) Changes to allow adjustment of the autopilot settings while it is activated. Began complete overhaul of scenery generation tools. Fixed a view frustum culling bug. separated lib GPC (generic polygon clipper.) GPC is not "freeware" and the author has explicitely refused our request to distribute source code for this library with Flight Gear. updated installation and getting started guide switched to a simpler, lighter weight frame rate calculation method. new tile division scheme. GPS serial *output* fixes. Added a nifty halo to both the sun and moon. Preparation for allowing subtle moon lighting effects at night. Incorporated Jon Berndt's new C++ flight model rewrite. Autopilot settings can be adjusted while active. Updates to the instrument panel. Fixed AOA reading on the HUD. Added random splash screens. Modified scenery loader to accept tri-fans. Other non-backwards compatible changes to scenery file format and tile layout. Februrary 10, 1999: Version 0.58 released Added JSBsim alpha code ... this is Jon S. Berndts alpha FDM rewrite. Still lots to do, but you can watch a balistic flight for a short time. Renamed Simulator/Flight to Simulator/FDM Tweaks to assist building FGFS on solaris platforms. Moved Lib/DEM to Tools/DEM Started preparations for scenery generation tools overhaul. More MSVC++ support. Removed code that made the sun bigger at the horizon since this is just an optical illusion in real life. Bug fixed so that the sim can start out at an airport below sea level.

January 21, 1999: Version 0.57 released Converted to a simpler frame rate counting method. Fixed the AOA reading on the HUD. Removed gpc from the Lib section of distribution by request of the gpc Author. The gpc license is unfortunately not compatible with the GPL. I may look for an alternative library, or just require that developers download this library separately. First slew of changes from the MacOS porting effort contributed by "Robert Puyol" . Support for an arbitrary number of serial ports + additional serial port output tweaks. Serial output tweaks to make things more robust and act more like a GPS. Portability enhancements for Borland, Solaris, and SGI. Some internal class renaming and reorganizations. fgFLIGHT becomes FGState. fgCONTROLS becomes FGControls. Started work on an "external" flight model so the sim can be driven from external input (serial port, network, file, etc.) Fixed a problem that creeped in with setting the initial startup altitude. This could cause an unrecoverable bounce and you'd end up flipped on your back. Should be fixed now. Sun now appears to grow in size as it gets very low in the horizon. Fixed a view frustum culling bug where the scene was not accurately culled when your view was anything other than straight forward.

November 23, 1998: Version 0.56 released Changed default HUD units to the more standard feet units. You can still use meters by specifying the command line option "--units-meters". Added some initial joystick support using Steve's joystick interface class. This works great under Linux, but Steve's class now needs to be ported to Windoze and other platforms. Also added a fall back to the GLUT joystick routines for windows (until we can find better joystick support.) Added some initial serial port support for acting like gps and outputing nmea data such that could be fed into a flight map software package. Miscellaneous code clean ups, portability improvements, and optimizations. Switched to a streams based error/debug logging system that can be completely stripped out for a release build (./configure --without-logging) Support for cygwin32 b20 compiler (latest release) Continued progress on instrument panel Support for starting fgfs at higher resolutions. Updated user manual.

October 23, 1998: Version 0.55 released New version of gpc (generic polygon clipping library) from Brakes (use "b" to toggle) Added an altitude hold module to the autopilot. Lock your current altitude with "ctrl-a", "cntr-a" again will deactivate. (Also lock your current heading with "ctrl-h", and again to deactivate.) Added a terrain following module ... "ctrl-t" to activate. Added an autothrottle ... "ctrl-s" to activate. Fixes so that terrain tools will work in windoze. More STL & Compiler compatibility fixes. Changes to use a Point3 class. Fixed win95/98 time problem that limited fps to about 18.3

September 25, 1998: Version 0.54 released Implimented audio envelopes so that pitch of engine changes with throttle Textured moon, and rewritten/restructured Astro code. More optimizations and code cleanups. (Norman Vine, Bernie Bright, Charlie Hotchkiss.) Bug fixed that was causing odd display artifacts due to a degenerate fragment being created for every tile. Bug fixed that caused scenery generation to go bad (misplaced fclose on an invalid file descriptor.) Code changes to support g++ 2.7 STL (from Bernie Bright)

September 25, 1998: USA Scenery now available Through the graceous contribution of Jim Brennan, the entire FG rendition of the USA terrain is now available online for download at The files are in 10 x 10 degree chunks and are labeled by the lon/lat of their lower left hand corner.

To fly out of a particular scenery area you just specify a starting airport in that area with the --airport-id=ABCD option. You can also start at a specific lon/lat with the --lon=nnn.nnn --lat=nnn.nnn options.

If you would like to arrange to receive the entire USA scenery on cdrom, you can contact me at

September 4, 1998: New textures released There is a new texture package that should include all the textures required by version 0.53 available at:

September 2, 1998: Version 0.53 released Some initial "GameGLUT" support contributed by Gary R. Van Sickle ( Tracked down and eliminated some memory access type bugs that were causing segfaults on some platforms, with some compilers using various optimization flags. Assorted code optimizations submitted by Norman Vine. Renamed fg to fgfs Shuffled files. Created a new directory Simulator/Airports/ to handle airport data specific tasks Created Simulator/Object/ to handle basic rendering objects Panel code update from Friedemann Reinhard (use --enable-panel to activate) Contributions from Bernie Bright Created some new classes to enable pointers-to-functions and pointers-to-class-methods to be treated like objects. These objects can be registered with fgEVENT_MGR. File "Include/fg_callback.hxx" contains the callback class defns. Modified fgEVENT and fgEVENT_MGR to use the callback classes. Also some minor tweaks to STL usage. Added file "Include/fg_stl_config.h" to deal with STL portability issues. Added an initial config for egcs (and probably gcc-2.8.x). Don't have access to Visual C++ so I've left that for someone else. This file is influenced by the stl_config.h file delivered with egcs. Added "Include/auto_ptr.hxx" which contains an implementation of the STL auto_ptr class which is not provided in all STL implementations and is needed to use the callback classes. Deleted fgLightUpdate() which was just a wrapper to call fgLIGHT::Update(). Modified fg_init.cxx to register two method callbacks in place of the old wrapper functions. The new classes in libmisc.tgz define a stream interface into zlib. I've put these in a new directory, Lib/Misc. Feel free to rename it to something more appropriate. However you'll have to change the include directives in all the other files. Additionally you'll have add the library to Lib/ and Simulator/Main/ The StopWatch class in Lib/Misc requires a HAVE_GETRUSAGE autoconf test so I've included the required changes in config.tgz. There are a fair few changes to Simulator/Objects as I've moved things around. Loading tiles is quicker but thats not where the delay is. Tile loading takes a few tenths of a second per file on a P200 but it seems to be the post-processing that leads to a noticeable blip in framerate. I suppose its time to start profiling to see where the delays are. I've included a brief description of each archives contents. Lib/Misc/ zfstream.cxx zfstream.hxx C++ stream interface into zlib. Taken from zlib-1.1.3/contrib/iostream/. Minor mods for STL compatibility. There's no copyright associated with these so I assume they're covered by zlib's. fgstream.cxx fgstream.hxx FlightGear input stream using gz_ifstream. Tries to open the given filename. If that fails then filename is examined and a ".gz" suffix is removed or appended and that file is opened. stopwatch.hxx A simple timer for benchmarking. Not used in production code. Taken from the Blitz++ project. Covered by GPL. strutils.cxx strutils.hxx Some simple string manipulation routines. Simulator/Airports/ Load airports database using fgstream. Changed fgAIRPORTS to use set<> instead of map<>. Added bool fgAIRPORTS::search() as a neater way doing the lookup. Returns true if found. Simulator/Astro/ Modified fgStarsInit() to load stars database using fgstream. Simulator/Objects/ Modified fgObjLoad() to use fgstream. Modified fgMATERIAL_MGR::load_lib() to use fgstream. Many changes to fgMATERIAL. Some changes to fgFRAGMENT but I forget what!

Auguest 28, 1998 : Flight Gear get's it's own domain and a new home courtesy of ( The official FGFS home page is now at:

August 15, 1998: Version 0.52 released Stars added in 8 stages as sky gets darker for a smoother more realistic transition. rewrote star loader to significantly improve load times. Tweaked sky brightness and dawn/dusk colors. Fixed a small problem with moon rendering. Fog color tries to track the sky color at the center of view in sunrise and sunset situations. Optimizations from Norman Vine Code fixes and tweaks from Charlie Hotchkiss. Added an --enable/disable-sound option. Added a pause key "p" Added command line options to specify initial position

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